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Single-color shading fabrics. Select the color and the texture that suits you from among the collections of plain fabrics and create unique combinations in your living space. Available in widths from 200cm up to 320cm.

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The PREMIUM mechanism provides the stability of metal support, a reliable reinforced plastic mechanism. It covers a plethora of aesthetic and technical options.

Available in 6 colors

Technical Specifications


The LUXURY mechanism, which is the luxuy version of the ABSOLUTE ROLLER 2.0 system. Available with manual or motorized operation.

Available in 6 colors

Technical Specifications

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The Absolute Roller2.0 system is available in 6 colors in its PREMIUM and in 6 colors in its LUXURY version, both with manual and motorized operation. The manual mechanisms are operated by a chain in 2 types (plastic or metal) and in 12 colors. The motorized mechanisms are operated by buttons or remote control. With French motors from the leading company SOMFY. In addition, the silent mode from Somfy® is available via the specific Sonesse® motors.

BERLIN* 100% PES 200 0,3 210 4-6 NO
CAIRO 100% PES 200 0,3 128 4-6 NO
ARA 320 100% PES 320 0,4 175 4-6 NON-FLAMMABLE
DUBLIN 50% COTTON 50% PES 191 0,41 260 4-5 NO
ESVEDRA 100% PES 200 0,39 125 4-5 NO
NATAL 100% PES 250 0,51 240 4-5 NO