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Luxurious fabrics from the Luxury line. Selections from among special Trevira® fabrics, with their smoothness, their texture, their timeless shades or from among designs with the latest fashion trends.

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Elegant, discreet, with low 16mm profile, the ABSOLUTE mechanism is the most popular in its category. Available with Velcro or Strip, in white or silver color and in controlled (cord or stick) or free operation, ABSOLUTE mechanism is the perfect choice for your space.

Available in 2 colors


Design and luxury are the main characteristics of Ultimate. Available in inox shade, with front panel and free operation, the ULTIMATE mechanism is the peak of luxury.

Available in 1 color

Operation Modes



The manual mechanism is operated with a cord, a stick or a free operation mechanism. The motorized mechanisms are operated with a 12V DC motor or wireless DC and remote control..

SH-CL-SLV 100% PES, TREVIRA CS 240 0,25 145 6-7 B1 DIN4102 / M1 NFP92503
SH-CL-WCH 100% TREVIRA CS 300 0,5 170 6 B1 DIN4102 / M1 NFP92503
SH-CL-RCH 100% TREVIRA CS 300 0,55 180 6 B1 DIN4102 / M1 NFP92503
SH-CL-FTL 100% TREVIRA CS 300 0,25 165 5-6 B1 DIN4102 / M1 NFP92503
SH-CL-BSL 100% TREVIRA CS 300 0.25 145 5-6 B1 DIN4102 / M1 NFP92503