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Venetian blinds are one of the most affordable shading systems. They are used mainly in professional spaces and also in office partitions, and they can control the brightness and the privacy of the room with a simple twist. They are available in 15mm & 25mm, in simple, special and perforated colors. They are combined with the Basic mechanism (15mm & 25mm), and in large dimensions with the Absolute mechanism (25mm-cord ladder).

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The key operation mechanism of the BASIC Venetian blind, is lightweight and reliable, and meets basic shading needs. It is combined with 15mm & 25mm aluminum blinds and 25mm wooden blinds. It also works with side rails.


The new Absolute mechanism, is combined with 25mm & 50mm wooden blinds, 50mm leather blinds and in large dimensions with 25mm aluminum blinds. The operation of the system is comfortable and smooth, even over large surfaces, providing relief from the weight of wood. It is available in 8 colors and motorized operation. It also works with side rails.

Operation Modes



The manual mechanisms are operating with a string (Absolute), a cord and a stick (Basic) or a chain (Absolute Monocontrol). The motorized mechanisms are operated by buttons or remote control. In addition, the silent mode from Somfy® is available via the specific Sonesse® motors which is combined with the tilting function.